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Flydigi WASP N/X Touch Controller pubg mobile Portable Gamepad for iOS 13.4

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Brand Name: FLYDIGI

Compatible Brand/Model: None

Type: Gamepads

Match mobile phone players. Genuine iOS games are supported.

Support for iPhone X/XS/Xs mas/XR. Support for iPhone6-8plus

Capacitive spacer mapping, physical analog touch screen.

Self-developed CapAir Mapping capacitor spacer mapping technology, which simulates human click through capacitive signals, and the iOS phone can be used when the handle is installed.

Genuine App Store games are supported.

For the first time, you need to customize the key position in the game, and drag the button you need to set to the fixed mapping point.

Easy four-finger operation.

The position shooting is carried out at the same time. Ergonomic button design, easy to operate

The movement of the physical rocker is more sensitive.

Using ALPS joystick imported from Japan, it is small, flexible and has a good feel, which will bring you a better experience.

Quickly dissipate heat to avoid fever and reduce frequency.

Silicone grease + graphene double heat dissipation, mobile phone playing games to avoid fever and reduce frequency

Have the ability to last a long time.

A long-lasting voyage of 20 hours can accompany you in the decisive battle until dawn.

Disassemble easily and play games freely.

queeze-type loading and unloading mechanism, one-click pop-up lever, can be adjusted at will, adapt to small changes in the size of different mobile phone models, fit the mobile phone.

Intimate standard bee play line. Cell phone charging bid farewell to trouble.

The customized cell phone charging extension cable ensures that the original holding feel can be maintained while charging.