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Flydigi Wasp Finger Sleeve 2 Sweat-Proof Finger Cover mobile phone tablet PUBG Game Touch Screen Thumb

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Brand Name: FLYDIGI

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Flydigi Wasp Finger Sleeve

Woven from carbon fiber, sensitive to touch

Carbon fiber technology. 

Solve the four major problems perfectly. 

Constant friction, pressure gun is stable and accurate

Imported nanometer carbon fiber. Slender, tough and powerful. 

In the laboratory environment, excellent performance is still maintained after 1000 stretches and rubbing.

High-density knitted contacts with 30% higher sensitivity than traditional ones

Refreshing and ventilating to save sweaty hands. 

Carbon fiber densely woven with higher air permeability

Adapt to different hand shapes, comfortable fit is not tight

Eliminate seam Tactile upgrade

It is durable and wearable without being out of line.

You can wear more fingers, and the operation of playing games is more elegant.

PUBG with Finger Sleeve.  Mini second change is fully automatic. 

Physical button control, no need to connect Bluetooth, with Finger Sleeve for more delicate operation