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Flydigi Wasp 2 Pro One-handed Gamepad PUBG COD Artifact Peripheral Auxiliary Automatically Grabs a One-click Dress up with Dots

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Brand Name: FLYDIGI

Compatible Brand/Model: None

Package: Yes

Type: Gamepads

Model Number: Wasp 2 Pro

Interface Type: Bluetooth

Wasp version comparison

Wasp Connection mode:Capacitor / Bluetooth Dual mode Software functions:Wasp 2 Pro has one more somatosensory function, the other is consistent Crowd recommendation:Highly recommended for new players ! Cost-effective, dual-mode connection, complete functions Wasp 2 Pro Connection mode:Only supports Bluetooth mode Software functions:Wasp 2 Pro has one more somatosensory function, the other is consistent Crowd recommendation:An upgrade option for players wh often use peripheral gamepads

Wasp 2 Pro One-handed gamepad

Six-axis somatosensory Control everything

Built-in six-axis gyroscope Somatosensory micro-operation sensitive and adjustable

Somatosensory vision,slizhtly shake the handle to see farther Press LT to open the body sensation, shake the handle slightly to extend the field of vision, lock the battlefield in advance.It is especially suitable for long-handed heroessuch as Zhong Kui.

PUBG Somatosensory pressure gun, dual gyroscope to quickly follow the car

The sensitivity of the mobile phone gyroscope cannot be adjusted in subdivisions. Tun on the handlle gyroscope to reduce the vertical sensitivily to 0, and increase the horizontal sensitivity to aclieve a dual gyroscope. You can casily follow the gum when lacing a losomotive wilh ranid horizontal sensitivity displacement. Built-in ST6 axis gyroscope on the landle Button trigger, somatloseisory can be turned on and off at any time Adjustable sensitivity wider range and higher accursaey

New Lightning Blue Confident operation and swift attack

There is a hint of sharpness in the cold. just like the calmness and confidence of Pro players in control of everything. Gift: Finger sleeve 2

Removable metal back key

Awaken the middle finger, awakening combat power. The back button activates the idle middle finger and adds a new thread to the control.Three fingers to four fingers, jump and shoot while walking. Wherever you want to go.

Large ALPS joystick, choose random heighLink AB keys ,jumpm while walking

High or short Free replacemen

Smart Connect for iOS and Android

Supports mobile phones within 86 mm width, regardless of whether there is a mobile phone case or a mobile phone film Equipped with Flashplay Bluetooth Smart Connect technology, iOS Android full support, play any official genuine game. Built-in type-c mini game activation line Android mapping can be activated anvtime, anywhere Wasp 2 Xiaoyou activation line is integrated into the bottom of the handle. Unplue the small tour line and insert it into the phone, and the activation is completed in an instant. No purchase for iOS and Android type-C models

Highframe rate/low latency/multifunction Everythingin Flymapping

Flydigi's Flymapping button cloud mapping technology has been upgraded for 5 years, turning the handle buttons into simulated screen contacts, which can control any mobile game.Rich key attributes, frame rates up to 120 frames, and non-inductive delays as low as 6ms,all in Flymapping

Soft pebble surface Fits to the palm for a great grip

Abide by ergonomics, the curved surface of the backfits the palm of the hand accurately, and the TPU is covered with rubber, which is comfortable for long-term holding.

Two-way upgrade side button Flick to make your fingers more agile

Double-sided keys upgrade mouse micro-switches for shorter key strokes and clear feedback. At the same time, the side key panel is widened to fully support the fingers and enjoy the pressure.

Slim body, new fashion Rich accessories to unlock trendy gameplay

Compared with the previous generation, the size is shortened by about 40%, freeing up space on the right side of the phone, which can be freely matched with Trigger mobile button

Packing list

*Gamepad *USB charging cable *User manual *Handle bag *Removable back button *Replaceable joystick

iOS 13.4 and above one-handed handle tutorial


Tutorial for using Wasp 2 series on iOS 13.4 and above

http://bbs.flydigi.com/detail/7510 (This mode is temporarily a test mode. Please do not upgrade the system version if the system is lower than 13.4. After the upgrade of WaspN / X, the capacitor mode cannot be used at the same time. If you need to use it, please downgrade the firmware version.) APP settings 1.Start the APP, connect the APP to upgrade the firmware (select the smart connection mode and then upgrade the firmware !!!), and go to V5.8.9.1 version. (Please do not upgrade the mobile phone under 13.4 system, this firmware is not compatible with Zhilian mode).

Phone settings

1.Go to System Settings-> Bluetooth and ignore the previous Bluetooth device. Re-search the controller Bluetooth to reconnect, after the connection is completed, the name will change to "t-I".

2.Go to System Settings-> Accessibility-> Touch-> Assistive Touch, and click to open the Assistive Touch.

Game settings

Please directly enter the game settings (custom layout), do not set through the floating window of flydigi game hall. 1. Currently supports 5 buttons (fixed position) + rocker (fixed position). Enter PUBG and select settings. Perform custom key layouts. Drag the button icon to the left of the screen (as shown). Set according to key habits. The position of the LT key needs to be dragged to the upper left corner of the screen (as far as possible beyond the screen). Please use the shooting button for the LT button.

5 buttons are fixed position, fixed button attribute (LT is normal click, A B LB M is quick click) players only need to drag the desired button icon to the corresponding position in the red circle to use. The joystick should use the game's default position (the position cannot be adjusted).

You can click the LOGO button to view the fixed positions of the four buttons in sequence (the white contacts will appear in the corresponding positions), and drag the buttons to place them according to the following figure.

Abnormal keys Notice: Turn off the lock screen function !!! If the contact of the key position is abnormal, please turn over the phone to flip the screen, and then the key can be recalibrated.

After the setting is completed, congratulations, enjoy the game!