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Flydigi Trigger 2 Generation Mobile Game Button Auxiliary Six-Finger Artifact iOS Android Automatic Pressure Gun

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Brand Name: FLYDIGI

Compatible Brand/Model: None

Origin: CN(Origin)

Package: Yes

Type: Gamepads


Stinger 2 Mobile game buttons

The second generation capacitance isolation mapping technology More sensitive and free

CapAir Mapping 2

The second generation capacitance isolation mapping technology Trigger more sensitively, record click frequency Removable design of main and auxiliary keys Four fingers, six fingers, free choice Ergonomic body Organic curved surface, comfortable to hold

The second generation capacitance isolation mapping technology Hand speed can be recorded, sensitive and then breakthrough Trigger more sensitively Respond to every click The second-generation capacitor isolation mapping technology uses a more powerful second-generation chip, which is closer to the contact and the response speed is greatly improved. Conductive silicone is added to the contact surface to ensure that every click is accurately communicated Chip location Move to the button head Record click frequency Reproduce wonderful operations CapAir Mapping 2 with new hand-speed recording function Switch the top switch to recording / playback mode, you can record the click frequency, and long press the button in actual combat to reproduce

Play tricks in various games

Move the game function keys to the location of the shadow spike contact to start playing Speed game Continuous jet drift shooting game with full force MOBA games Easy walk A Live star Crazy like

The primary and secondary keys are removable design

Double keys, four keys, free choice The main key can work independently to form a classic four-finger control, or it can be equipped with a secondary key, six fingers are all in control Double primary keys combination Classic four-finger control Four-piece combination Six fingers together to control the game *The attachment needs to cooperate with the primary key and cannot be used independently (the secondary key will be listed in May)

Full micro mechanical button Internal and external training, clear feedback

Stinger2 inherits the advantage of stinger, all four buttons use micro switches, the key stroke is shorter and the trigger is faster, making the operation full of rhythm

Full finger support, steady hand gun Ergonomic modeling

The shape curve specially designed for the finger position of the mobile game, on the basis of the classic design of the previous generation, further increase the support for the last three fingers, hold the hand tightly, the hands are stable, and play PUBG

Active structure of head evolution Compatible stronger, no damage to shell membrane

iPhone 11 Pro max can also be easily compatible with thick case and thick film. Fine-tune the strength of the activity buckle, the hydraulic membrane can also be used IOS Android Universal Big phone? Little meaning! Maximum support 10.5 mm thick, 87 mm wide Compatibility is greatly improved compared to the previous generation.

Play PUBG's advanced equipment Multi-finger linkage with Wasp

The position method is rapidly upgraded, and the flashing moves are completed in one go. There are more bee wings for effective heat dissipation, fully armed, the battle has not begun, you have won.

Long battery life

You can play for about 80 hours when fully charged It only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge

Small and portable

Frosted PC + ABS shell, condensed with exquisite texture, is equipment, collection, and proof of advanced players

Set match display

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