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Flydigi Q1 Mobile Game Keyboard Mouse Converter via USB Interface and Wireless Bluetooth Connection for both Android and iOS

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Brand Name: FLYDIGI

Compatible Brand/Model: None

Type: Gamepads

Note: This product is not suitable for use with ios13.4 and above systems, nor with MediaTek processor phones.

Keyboard and mouse play mobile games, the operation is more smooth.

Keyboard-mouse converter. Key Mappin. Support for Android / iOS. Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth 4.0 fast connection, dual USB interface supports all kinds of mouse and keyboard

Flymaping key mapping

Simulated human hand tapping on the screen, high-sensitivity response speed, making your game play more smooth

Support custom setting "macro", can easily realize a key change

Support most of the keyboard and mouse on the market, can be better compatible with your mobile phone

It can be used after the official configuration is imported, and custom adjustment buttons are also supported. 

You can get started quickly when playing games, and it is easy to operate.

The mouse algorithm is optimized to aim at the pressure gun more easily. 

Q1 converter has two interface functions.

The second USB interface not only connects keyboard and mouse, but also has the function of activating key mapping.

Small and easy to carry.

Q1 body size is 64mm "60mm" 15mm, small and exquisite

Free mobile phone stand with multiple gears adjustment, free rotation to adjust comfortable viewing angle

Bluetooth 4.0 connection for stable gaming

No need to worry about running out of power when the power is connected

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Flydigi Q1 Keymouse Converter