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Flydigi CYBERFOX Wireless Bluetooth Headset Game Gaming PUBG Listening Distinguishment No Delay Mobile Phone Dedicated

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Brand Name: FLYDIGI

Compatible Brand/Model: None

CYBERFOX Low Latency Bluetooth Headset

Low latency/ High endurance/ Big Sound field

Foxspeed low latency technology

Algorithm + communication double optimization Audio and video can be synchronized 14.2 mm large moving coil unit More immersive sound field experience Cyber soul Hardcore functional wind

Low latency is not perceived

Provides players with Foxspeed, a low-latency game mode.The excellent algorithm compresses data processing efficiency to 0.05 seconds, and the full link delay from the sound of the mobile phone to the sound of the headset is as low as 0.15 seconds, bringing lower latency performance than Airpods

Synchronization of sound and picture identify the position by listening

No sense delay + stereo effect Always know your opponent's position Do not change the channel after opening the wheat Can still hear the sound to identify the location

14.2 mm large moving coil unit Sounds great!

Top with large size dynamic coil, surging sound field. HCCAW copper-clad aluminum voice coil.deeper low-frequency dive. Bio-fiber composite diaphragm further restores the sound details. Biofiber and composite diaphragm Highly restored sound details HCCAW copper clad aluminum voice coil Deeper bass dive

Qualcomm flagship chip Support HD sound quality

The brain of "Silver Fox" is a powerful flagship chip-Qualcomm QCC3034.Outstanding performance brings comprehensive audiovisual upgrades, whether it is enjoying music, video or games.Let you take advantage! Supports aptx. AAC HDAudio Decoding Technology Enjoy a CD-level listening experience Greater connection range. Lower power consumption

16 hours and high endurance

1C fast charge and can be fully charged in 1.5 hours

Near future cool headphones go to your ears!

Personality, future, breakthrough. The design of the Silver Fox is inspired by the Cyberpunk style.The high-density small mechanism and the streamlined large case create a visual conflict which explains the controlled resistance.

Red alert breathing light Reflecting the crisis signal Leak-out microphone Reveal the future power

Skin-friendly liquid silicone Memory nickel wire without fear of bending

The medical grade liquid silicone is soft and flexible, and the memory nickel wire has no fear of bending.Prevents oily sweat while intimate contact with skin

Linkage Feizhi peripherals family

Multiple Bluetooth device connections do not conflict After the same phone is connected to Silver Fox, you can also connect Bluetooth devices such as the Wasp handle, without conflict.

IP54 level type-c interface

Beautiful/Waterproof/Dustproof Silver Fox custom type-c interfaceSame interface as smartphoneNo dust plug required, plug in and use Interface of ordinary headset Custom interface for silver Fox headset


Q: Will the channel change after opening the microphone, which will affect the listening position? R: No, the front and rear channels of Kaimai will not change, and the sound can still be identified.(Select mobile phone microphone in game sound settings) Q: Can I connect a Bluetooth device such as a handle afier connecting the headset? R: Yes, you can connect multiple Bluetooth peripherals to one phone. Q: How to enter 0.15S low-latency game mode? R: Press the headset function key and the volume-key at the same time to enter the game mode

Product parameters

Product Model: Silver Fox Full frequency unit: 14.2 mm Frequency response range: 20 hz-20khz Sensitivity:98dB±3dE Headphone impedance:3Ω Transmission distance: about 10 meters Battery capacity: 126 mah Charging time: about 1.5 hours Battery life: about 16 hours Charging interface:type-c USB Bluetooth version: 5.0 Three-way calling: support * Data comes from Flydigi Lab. Actual data may vary due to changes in the obiective environment

Paking list

①Packing box ②Protective bag ③USB cable ④Silver Fox Bluetooth wireless headset ⑤User manual ⑥Cyberfox album