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Flydigi Apex Esports Bluetooth pubg mobile Wireless Gaming Controller (With Phone holder) Gamepad for PC Mobile Phone Pad

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Brand Name: FLYDIGI

Compatible Brand/Model: None

Type: Gamepads

Note: This product is not suitable for use with ios13.4 and above systems, nor with MediaTek processor phones.

Multi-platform support.

Mobile phone tablet PC TV

Add 4 buttons on the back. 8 side keys are linked with the right rocker.

Whether it is FPS game perspective control or the release of MOBA game-oriented skills, it can be perfectly compatible.

Front 6 custom keys.

Operational efficiency is greatly improved. Thumb control area.

2 key range switching.

Shooting racing games are easy.

Made of TPE glue, it feels comfortable and skid-proof to prevent perspiration.

Somatosensory shooting, providing exclusive somatosensory mode for FPS games with quick sensation.

Mobile phone / PC/TV/TV box is supported.

Bluetooth mode. Wireless Android mode. Wireless 360 mode.

Flydigi game hall, three versions of depth adaptation handle.

Android does not need root. IOS does not need jailbreak system. Simulator.

Support multiple games.

Popular game. Support for simulator games.

Flymapping push-button cloud mapping technology, which supports custom setting of key bits at will.

Built-in asymmetrical double vibration motor, using independent chip control, playing games more real. Japanese ALPS joystick, quick response, good feel, high precision. The new generation of Bluetooth technology, without the trouble of delay. Built-in lithium battery with ultra-long 160h battery. Adjustable removable bracket, more convenient to use

Flydigi Apex parameter

Android phone must-have, iOS does not need to be activated.

Receiver. Charging line. Specification. Activator.