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Flydigi Apex 2 Gamepad Handle Automatic Gun Mobile Phone Game CODM DNF Aid for Mobile Phone Computer PC

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Brand Name: FLYDIGI

Compatible Brand/Model: None

Origin: CN(Origin)

Package: Yes

Type: Gamepads

Model Number: APEX 2

Note: This product is not compatible with MediaTek processor phones, systems above ios13.4

APEX 2 Multi-platform handle

Roulette buttons King's return Can be dragged Roulette buttons Six-sided key Four-back key ABXY Jog button

Three years of honed, stunning again

We have always wanted to create a real "mobile game controller"It needs to be able to more simply and directly support the "swipe screen" operationThis must find a way to make the buttons "movable"We have explored dozens of solutions in the past 3 yearsRepeatedly adjust the structure and strengthFinally developed a subversive gameplay-roulette buttonMake a bold breakthrough!

Create a drag-able wheel key

Break through the bolt Gu That's what mobile game is for Wheel slide mode Design for touch screen control habits BXY key can drag 360 plane to point to cast

DNF sliding cast PUBG sliding back to blood

Wheel fixed mode

The wheel can be fixed by the wheel collar for routine control

5um high precision ball wheel

Follow your heart and strike with precision Innovation is putting things togetherlydigi spins from fingertip tops and wheelsand other products for inspirationUsing 13 high precision ball bearings and Austenite body metal disc forms a wheelDisk keys, every millimeterof drag can be accurate feedback

Six side button

Four key back The whole machine and 27 key Easy control of DNFOn the basis of the first generation and add two side keys,the whole machine up to 27 keys is nearly twice thetraditional handle. The only thing that holds DNFmobile game is APEX2

ABXY Omron micro button

Mechanical hand Million life span ABXV upgrade Omron micro button,up to 5 million key life, crisp and sensitive, instant firing!

Combination of metal ring and POM sheet

Create a flagship rocker experienceALPS rocker imported from Japan, the metal ring on thewall and crater POM plate work together to reduce thesliding friction by 40%, which makes the stick feel hardand smooth, and improves your cognition limit

Upgrade two-stage bracket

Adjustable center of gravity for more comfortCompared with the one-stage type can only adjust the Angle, the two-stage type can also adjust the center of gravity to hold without fatigue for a long time.Can also be removed as a desktop stand to concentrateon the battlefield

Bionic design concept

"APEX" leaped into his hand Through in-depth study on the shape, color and structure of eight fish creatures, flydigi designer has made a breakthrough innovation in the face modeling of the second generation. A dome-bearing, lifelike octopus with bionic face is leaping into the palm

Removable housing design

Set appearance and utility in a suit Cool cool shell change as you wish Built-in 2.4g receiver and wheel collar storagebin for easy access

Multi-mode glare lamp effect

The king's momentum is eye-catching Customizable 16.8 million color light effect, cool elegant, free to create handheld light show!

Large area TPE coating

Elite grip feeling confident control Two-color injection plastic bag with fine texture anti-slip while improving grip feel, skin-friendly comfort

Six-axis motion-sensing pixel level sliding

Fine strokes control the view The Flydigi controller's six-axis motion-sensing technology has led the industry's reputation for delivering a subtle, pixel-level sliding experience

The new CZ key It is more convenient to push the tower Reshape the back bun Asymmetric twin motors Rsymmetric twin motors Immersive feeling of being there BLE low power bluetooth About 70 h life

Packaging containing

The standard version 1. Handle; 2. Mobile phone stand; 3. Data cable Suit version 1. Handle, 2. Mobile phone stand, 3. Data cable,4. Receiver, 5. Replacement joystick two pairs, 6.Handle the package