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45kw Three Phase Power Saver for Industry silver (CHT-003-2 Gold)

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Product description
Product description
45kW 3 Phase Energy Saver
Save electricity bills by upto 50%
Save your electricity bills by 10-50% !
1 Device for all 3 Phases
This revolutionary product uses German technology.
Saves energy efficiently
3 phase current optimisation
DIY installation
Sturdy Alloy Casing
Easy and safe installation
Reduce electricity bills by upto 50%
Prolong the life of appliances
Maintainance free
Sleek Design
Technical parameters: Rate Voltage: 110-450 VAC, 50HZ / 60 Hz
Effective range upto 45000W
OEM & ODM Available.
The 3 Phase energy saver covers all appliances connected within the 3 phases simultaneously. It requires a wired installation closest to the meter or incoming electric supply. It overcomes the issues of isolation switches installed as it should be wired between the meter and any isolation board or MCBs.

You may require some professional help in installing the 3 phase energy saver. Kindly follow the installation instructions and safety guidelines that come with the product to ensure there is no damage to the unit and connected appliances. We have designed the units such that the installation is safe and relatively hassle free.
Technical Specifications 
1.      25 year life expectancy
2.      Three Phase
3.      Load Limit: 45,000W (15,000W per phase), up to 100amps
4.      Rated Voltage: 110 - 450 Volt AC Application, 50/60 HertZ
5.      Use one Power Saver for every 45,000 watts and 3 phases
6.      Built in Surge Suppression, Satisfactory Protection For Electrical Storms, Lightning Activity and Power Utility Spikes
7.      Working Temperature: -15 degree to 60 degrees
8.      Humidity: <85%.
9.      Unit Size : 35cm*20cm*8cm
1.     This revolutionary product uses German technology.
2.    Saves energy efficiently
3.    3 phase current optimisation
4.    DIY installation
5.    Sturdy Alloy Casing
6.    Easy and safe installation
7.    Reduce electricity bills by up to 30%
8.    Prolong the life of appliances
9.    Maintainance free
10.    Sleek Design
1 x 3 Phase Energy Saver 45KW
1 x user's Manual